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12 Ways the Google Assistant Will Enhance Your Sonos Listening Experience

With the arrival of the Google Assistant, your Sonos system gets even smarter. Here are just a few of the ways Google’s voice assistant gives you more control and enhances the brilliant sound experience of Sonos.


The Google Assistant is here. As it lands on Sonos, the smart voice assistant brings with it all the obvious hands-free convenience you’d expect from voice control: Play this, pause that, adjust the volume, and the like. But with over one million actions, the Google Assistant can do so much more than simplify audio playback. It can also help streamline your day, unlock new, unexpected possibilities, and supercharge your listening experience overall.

Play Music to Suit Your Mood—or Change It

Mood and music are inextricably linked. In a recent survey, 74% of listeners said that music reduces their stress, while another 42% say that listening to podcasts relaxes them. The science shows that music can improve your mood, help you be more productive, and even make people cry unexpectedly. However you may be feeling at the moment, your Google Assistant can queue up music to suit—or potentially change—your mood. Just say “Hey Google, play some sad music,” or “Hey Google, play music for being romantic.”

With the Google Assistant, you can even combine moods, genres and scenarios by requesting things like “Hey Google, play angry workout music” or “Hey Google, play classical music for sleeping.”

Wake up the Right Way

Forget hitting snooze on your phone’s jarring beeps and chimes. Now you can set an alarm with your Google Assistant and fill the room with the motivating sounds of your favorite music or podcast on Sonos. Say, “Hey Google, wake me up at 7 am to Grimes” (or the music of your choice) and start your day off right. Just set up your default music service then pick any song, artist, or playlist.

Catch up on the News

Once your day is underway, you may want to catch up on what’s happening around the world. Ask your Google Assistant to read the latest headlines by saying, “Hey Google, tell me the news,” or “Hey Google, listen to NPR News.” 

Had your fill of current events? Just say “Hey Google, stop and play my meditation playlist.”

Get Pumped for Your Home Workout

Do you exercise at home?  Ditch the headphones and let your favorite blood-pumping workout playlist fill the room in crystal clear sonic detail. (May we suggest a few Sonos Ones and a Sub for the workout room?) After all, research shows that listening not only motivates people to get started with their workouts but also inspires them to push themselves harder. Just start stretching and ask your Google Assistant play a rap-metal workout playlist. Or whatever you’re into.

Play the Song that Goes…

It happens. Sometimes you just can’t remember the name of an artist, song, or album. Sometimes you never knew it to begin with. Either way, your Google Assistant can help. Say “Hey Google, play the song that goes…” and recite the lyrics. You can also play an album based on a description of the cover art. For example, try “Hey Google, play the album with the naked baby in the pool.” Once it starts playing, you can ask for more information so you won’t draw a blank next time.

Queue up Your Favorite Shows and Videos

If you use Chromecast with your TV, you can ask your Google Assistant on Sonos to play shows, movies, and YouTube videos. Just say “Hey Google, play yoga videos on YouTube,” “Hey Google, play cat videos,” or “Hey Google, play The Lego Movie.” With the Google Assistant on Sonos Beam, you can also tell Google to turn the TV on and off and adjust the volume.

Control Your Smart Home Devices

The Google Assistant works with over 30,000 smart-home devices, including smart light bulbs, thermostats, door locks, and kitchen appliances, like dishwashers and coffee makers. Once you set up your Google Assistant-compatible smart gadgets, dimming the living room lights, starting the dishwasher, preheating the oven, and even brewing coffee is as easy as saying, “Hey Google…”

Give Yourself a Reminder

Whether you want a little nudge to work out or need to remember a lock combination, your Google Assistant can help. Just say “Hey Google, remember that my lock combo is…” or “Hey Google, remind me to get ready for barre class at 6:45 pm.”

Get into a Routine

Trigger a series of actions with one simple phrase when you set up a routine in the Google Assistant app. When you go to bed, for example, you can say, “Hey Google, good night,” to turn off the lights, set your morning alarm, and start a sleep-inducing playlist.  Similarly, saying “Hey Google, I’m home,” could start your favorite radio station, turn on the lights, and adjust the thermostat. Choose from Google’s ready-made routines or customize your own.

Stay on Top of Your Day

Between your morning playlist and your ambient bedtime soundtrack, your Google Assistant can help you with many things throughout the course of your day. Update the calendar, find a dinner recipe, manage your shopping list, call a rideshare, stay informed about your upcoming commute, and a whole lot more. It’s not called an assistant for nothing.

Have Fun with Games (and Dad Jokes)

Turn your Sonos One or Beam into a game-night powerhouse. Ask for jokes, test your knowledge, and much more. There are tons of games to enjoy on your own or with a group. Some favorites include Guess My Age, Lucky Trivia, and Dad Jokes. Try “Hey Google, entertain me.” The Google Assistant has a few fun Easter eggs up its sleeve, so keep asking to discover some unexpected surprises.

Fall Asleep to Ambient Sounds

Sleep may be a basic life function, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Thankfully, white noise and ambient sounds can help calm the mind and lull you into a deep sleep. Just say, “Hey Google, play white noise,” or “Hey Google, play forest sounds,” to wind down without needing to get up or look at a screen. Tell your Google Assistant to set a sleep timer, or let the ambient sounds play for a full 8-10 hours before they turn off automatically.


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