Apple Unveils the Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Unveils the Apple Watch Series 4

At Apple’s September Event, they announced the launch of the new Apple Watch Series 4, a product that lots of people are excited about. Let’s break down the key points of the latest Apple Watch Model.

 There will be two models [GPS and GPS with Cellular] in two different sizes: 40mm and 44mm. Slight change from the previous sizes but if you have the previous generation watch bands, they will continue to fit the newer models.

This change in sizes has allowed Apple to stretch the screen! No matter which size you get, there is more room for information to be displayed on the screen and it’ll make it that much easier to read or view your pictures on. These improved screen sizes will come in super handy with the new scenes, as the effects will interact with the sides in beautiful ways. The larger face now allows for 8 complications (think of complications as similar to widgets on your computer) on your main screen which you can customize with information that is important to you.

One of that handy new health-related features is that the Series 4 can detect when you are falling, or slip or trip on something. Not only will it record this data, but if you were to fall and remain still for awhile, the watch will assume that something bad has happened. It will contact emergency services and send your location to your emergency contacts using the SOS feature. This kind of detection and notification system is great when you are alone and not able to get someone to help you.

 Heart monitoring has been improved with the Series 4 as it will be able to detect low heart rates and irregular heart rhythms. This data can be useful and vital for individuals with a history of heart problems, or even let you know if you are having some! There have already been stories from individuals about how because they were wearing the Apple Watch and its heart monitor capabilities, they were able to spend less time in the hospital and even find out they were having heart problems that hadn’t been detected!

The biggest health interest is in the new ECG function, marking it as the first time an ECG device has been made available over the counter direct to customers. It should be noted that even with this function, it won’t replace the ECG tests found in hospitals and other areas, as those are more sophisticated, however for the average consumer, this has the potential to be another tool to have in managing their health. While this feature doesn’t seem like it will be ready at launch in Canada (as it requires Apple to apply for clearance with Health Canada), many consumers are excited to have access to this new amazing feature.

Are you excited for the new Apple Watch Series 4? Which model are you going to get? If you haven’t already, pre-order one with us over at You’ll have the same options as Apple in which one you want, and you can get it on financing  starting at $13.03/mo with EasyPlan. Check out our Financing page at if you have any questions. Or, find the closest Simply location here and come on down to one of our stores in person and someone will be able to help answer any questions you might have.

“But wait!” you might be asking yourself. “I don’t have any Watch accessories! What can I use it with? What should I get?” Well if you have an Apple Watch, having a iPhone and Watch combo charging stand is a must grab. Have your iPhone and Watch charging on your desk or side table can save you space and hassle. A stylish option would be the Freedy Charging Stand! This will work with the iPhone 5 or newer and its stainless steel frame will add style to any room or space you use it in. If you want something smaller and more subtle without lacking convenience, you can pick up a Satechi Smart Charging Stand. Not only will it charge your Watch, but it comes with 3 additional USB ports on the base, so you can charge your other Apple products as well on it.

Or, how about another charging cable. I know I have multiple charging cables for my phone and the watch is likely to be no different for a lot of people. What about a backup watch band? We carry both the Nomad Rugged and Sports Strap for the 42mm or 44mm. You can even use Apple AirPods with your Watch or iPhone.

I have never gotten an Apple Watch in the past, but the Series 4 will mark the first Apple Watch I will be purchasing! I am super excited to pick up the Watch and bring it into my life. I plan on writing a follow up piece in a couple of months to talk about my first experiences with the watch, so feel free to come back to the Blog to see how its worked out.


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