Eve Home Automation

Eve Home Automation

EVE brings a new level of convenience to your everyday life, allowing you to focus on what’s really important. Below is an example of how  EVE can assist you and your family and enrich your home-life.



After spending the winter holidays with family overseas, the Smiths return home. With the temperature well below freezing, they dread the idea of returning to a cold house. With Eve Thermo at home and the Eve app on her phone, Mom turns up the heaters so the house is warm when they return. Using the free EVE app, connecting to your home WiFi is simple, allowing you to control your EVE Home Automation products remotely.

Carrying luggage and bags through the doorway, Dad’s hands are tied. The entrance hall features Eve Motion and a lamp is connected to Eve Energy. When Dad steps inside, the hallway lights up automatically. The connection between the two Eve products is set up as a scene in the Eve app, allowing you to personalize to your style.

At night, an Eve Energy-equipped humidifier switches on when Eve Room registers a drop in humidity. That way the kids always breathe easy. While the kids sleep, Mom and Dad retire to the living room. The Smiths know how much power their television, media player and sound system consume in standby mode, so they only switch them on when needed. All at once, with a single command.

When it’s time to go to sleep, Mom can reduce the heat throughout the house, shut down appliances, and switch off lights effortlessly, simply by saying three comforting words: "Hey Siri, goodnight.”

Simply Computing is now a proud seller of Eve Home Automation products. Fully HomeKit enabled, Eve works seamlessly with all iOS devices. Setup is simple and intuitive. With the Eve app, you can create Scenes that allow multiple Eve accessories to interact with each other, creating a truly unique and personalized home experience. What’s more, you can now use Siri on your iPhone, iPad or HomePod to control your Eve accessories without even lifting a finger. Check out the full range of Eve products here: https://www.simply.ca/collections/eve

*Remember, until September 14th, 2018, receive a free Eve Weather with every purchase of an Eve accessory.

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