Stacey's MacBook Air

Stacey's MacBook Air

When Simply Computing asked if I would mind writing a brief blog about my experience, I said sure, but I’m not sure if it’ll be any good. So here it goes.

I have had my MacBook Air for just over two years now and love it. I bought it on an interest-free financing plan with Simply Computing. I work in real estate so I always need my computer with me. My MacBook Air is light and portable - perfect for going in between meetings as I’m always on the go. It has an amazing battery life that has gotten me through some loooooong days. And last week is a great example.

So last Friday was my son, Jack’s birthday. We had a trip to the movies planned for him and his friends, with a little party after. The day before, I find out that my client meeting, originally scheduled for next week, was pushed forward to the Friday. I was prepared though. I spent the Thursday evening on my iMac at home, finishing the Keynote presentation for my meeting. When I was happy with it, I transferred it to my USB drive to put on my MacBook Air for the meeting.

I was a little rushed getting out the door Friday morning. I remember dropping my son off for school and rehearsing the presentation in my head the whole way. I wanted to meet with my colleagues an hour before the meeting to iron out the details. Only when I sat down with them did I realize I had forgotten my MacBook Air charger at home, along with the USB stick with the Keynote presentation. I thought about racing home, but I would never make it in time. I thought about rescheduling, but that wasn’t possible. Then it dawned on me - iCloud. I opened my iCloud Drive folder on my Mac and there it was. My presentation had transferred to my iCloud account automatically. What a relief. But I still had no charger and my colleagues had different computers. The battery icon said 60%. I had no choice but to move on and get ready for the meeting.

The meeting dragged on quite long, but after using my MacBook Air to run the presentation through a projector and showing various bits of information the clients requested, the battery life was still at 35%. I was delighted, especially because the meeting went really well. I glanced at the time and realized I had to go pick Jack up. The movie was on soon after school, so I collected him and a few of his friends and drove to the theatre. After the movie we had a little get together in the party room for the kids. I had my MacBook Air open, playing Jack’s favourite music on Apple Music while the kids played and debated the movie in the passionate way six year olds do.

All of a sudden the music stops and I hear a ringing noise coming from my Mac. My mother was calling on FaceTime to wish her grandson a Happy Birthday. It was such a surprise for Jack. He loves his Grandma. He talked at length about the movie, he was so excited. I was worried the battery wouldn’t hold out, but it did.

A while later, parents started arriving to pick up their kids. Jack said his goodbyes, we loaded the car and went home. We sat on the couch and shared a slice of cake. I threw on Netflix on the MacBook Air and we relaxed together. I saw my battery was on 7%. I forgot about the charger and was really impressed it lasted so long. I went upstairs to get it. When I came downstairs to plug it in, I saw Jack was fast asleep, cake in hand. I carried him to bed and kissed him goodnight.

It’s great to have a computer that can keep up with me and last all day on one charge. And because I got it through interest-free financing with Simply Computing, it comes with a warranty that protects it from unexpected liquid spills or drops. With Jack around and my fast-paced lifestyle, that’s super important to me. He actually spilled an entire bottle of water on it 3 months after I got the computer, but that’s a different story. Luckily it only cost me $129 to get it fixed, because of the warranty.

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