The Best Apple-Related Gifts for 2018

The Best Apple-Related Gifts for 2018

If you’re looking for gift ideas for your Apple-using loved ones, we have a few suggestions that are guaranteed to be popular.


Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch Series 4 may be the gift hit of the season as adult children buy it for aging parents. That’s happening due to the Apple Watch’s health monitoring capabilities, which include fall detection, atrial fibrillation detection, and (soon) the capability to record electrocardiograms. It may seem expensive at $51999 for the Wi-Fi version or $64999 for the cellular version that can call emergency services even if its companion iPhone isn’t nearby, but the cost pales in comparison with the price of any medical event.

For those who are more interested in the Apple Watch’s fitness and communication features, last year’s Apple Watch Series 3 now starts at just $36999 for Wi-Fi and $49999 for cellular. It lacks the health monitoring features of the Series 4, but those are overkill for most young, healthy people. The cellular version is worthwhile only if you’re certain the recipient will make use of the watch while out and about without the iPhone. but all versions of the Series 3 and Series 4 are water proof - perfect for all occasions, all activities, all weather.

And, if someone on your gift list already has an Apple Watch, a new band would make a great present—Simply Computing offers a wide variety of attractive and comfortable bands. Check out our selection here.



SONOS is always a huge seller for the holidays. And this year it promises to be even more so. When it comes to quality of sound, functionality and value for money, SONOS wins every time. They are the very best in multi-room smart speaker systems. This year saw the release of their SONOS Beam, a smart sound bar that brings cinema-quality sound into your living room for less than $500. Their Beam, PlayBar and PlayBase use the latest technology to ensure you never have to adjust the volume when watching movies again. Feel every explosion, every whisper, every drum beat.

SONOS can be controlled on any device - Mac, iPhone, iPad, PC or Android. It uses WiFi and not Bluetooth so the sound never cuts out and you're guaranteed the highest quality audio. Their sound bars connect to the TV but also allow you to play music through them, giving added functionality. They have a speaker for every room in the house and for any occasion. 

Apple also released their smart speaker this year - The HomePod. At $44999, SONOS makes more sense. You can get a stereo setup with an alexa-enabled SONOS One and a Play:1 for the same price. That's 2 SONOS for the price of 1 HomePod. 


Stocking Stuffer Accessories

You might not get the same “Wow!” factor with these gifts, but Apple’s focus on minimalist design has created a situation where many users find themselves frustrated by the lack of the right cable or adapter.

iPhone users might appreciate an extra Lightning charging cable or a Lightning-to-headphone adapter to take advantage of inexpensive earbuds. And those who rely on a MacBook with USB-C or a MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 are usually desperate for USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 cables and adapters. Some of the most popular convert USB-C to USB-A to connect Hard Drives and USB devices, USB-C to HDMI tp connect to external displays and TVs, and for those who need everything in one this LMP adapter has everything, including HDMI, 3XUSB and SD Card. Ask first to find out what they find most annoying!

Plus, a second iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch charger can help reduce battery anxiety and make it easier to pack one for trips.


One of the most popular Apple products of late has been the AirPods, svelte wireless earbuds that pair quickly and seamlessly to all Apple devices. They’re light, stay in the ear well, and are comfortable even for many people who can’t wear the wired EarPods. Apple doubled their production this year after the unprecedented popularity last year. There are already reports of many stores being out of stock. But Simply Computing have you covered. Check out the AirPods on our website here.


Apple TV

Despite its age, the $19999 fourth-generation Apple TV makes a great present for anyone who watches TV shows and movies from Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, and other internet streaming video services. It’s also great for sharing photos or videos from an iPhone or iPad on the big screen via AirPlay. If the recipient has a 4K TV, the $21999 Apple TV 4K is the way to go. Future proof your setup for years o come as more and more content is made in 4K.

Did you know, in 2014 Netflix made it mandatory for all Netflix original content to be shot in 4K. Experience this content to the fullest with Apple TV 4K. And don't forget the 4K HDMI cable.



Last, but far from least, if someone in your family has never tried an iPad or is limping along with an early model, the current sixth-generation iPad combines fantastic performance and a gorgeous screen starting at just $42999.

It’s also compatible with the original $12999 Apple Pencil, so if your recipient has an artistic mind, consider adding Apple’s stylus and maybe a painting app.

Of course, particularly if you’re buying an iPad for a child, a protective case is a must, and even for adults, a good case can provide peace of mind and hold the iPad in convenient positions for reading books or watching movies. Check out Simply Computing's full range of iPad cases here.


Whatever your Apple needs are this holiday season, Simply Computing has you covered. From drones, to audio, to hard drives, we're sure to have what you need. 

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