USB-C Adapters

USB-C Adapters

The Fear of Adapters

With the USB-C type port on the rise, older USB compatible devices seem to be on the verge of becoming obsolete. Wrong, there are multiple ways of using our external hard drives, HDMI, VGA, or DVI screens, or or simply charging your phone.

As USB-C becomes the main port on most Apple products, the fear arises that our old device will no longer work and then we run back to older models that have our trusted USB, SD and HDMI ports. This fear is unnecessary as many companies have manufactured affordable options for us to continue to backup, project, or transfer data to and from our new computers.

Simply Computing offers a variety of the adapters you may need for the everyday use of your computer. Adapters for those that only need USB-C to USB for single device usage. Multi-USB port adapters when you need more than one device plugged in to your computers. We even have all-in-one adapters that allows everyone to work with whatever device you may need.

Some of the great adapters we offer here:

JCPal LinX USB-C Multiport Adapter - This adapter is very affordable giving us two USB ports, as well as an HDMI and SD card port. Those looking for a great option under $100, this is the way to go.

LMP USB-C Dock - This has become one of the most popular adapters to add on to your new Mac purchase. Including 3 USB ports (including a powered USB slot), an HDMI, SD, MicroSD, and ethernet port, this adapter has been a favourite for many people. If you’re looking for a Space Grey computer, this adapter matches it nicely as well.

 Moshi Symbus Q - This new product is exceptional. While it still includes 2 USB ports, an HDMI and Ethernet port, this product also includes the great feature of wireless Qi charging for your iPhone or wireless charging compatible phone. The Moshi Symbus is a great addition to any desk, allowing for the normal functionality of your computer and supplying a great place to lay your phone and have it charge at the same time.

On top of all of these, as we are still in a transition phase, many manufacturers (such as G-Technology and many others) are offering both USB and USB-C cables in their products allowing everyone to enjoy the functionality of their products, no matter what kind of computer you may have when you come in to shop with Simply Computing.

So as the electronic world is transitioning over to USB-C, there is no need to fear. There are many ways to continue to use your older devices as we all transition over to the more versatile and faster world of USB-C.

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