Which Audio Product Is Right For You?

Which Audio Product Is Right For You?

Shopping for any product that suits your unique needs can be daunting, especially when it comes to technology. New products get released every day and they all promise to be the best. But it can be hard to figure out which ones are right for you. And audio products are no different. Below, I will highlight three fantastic Apple audio products and where each of them can fit into your life and, honestly, make your life more enjoyable.



AirPods were released in time for Christmas 2016 and have been extremely popular ever since, promising to be one of the biggest gifts for Christmas 2018. In 2017 it was speculated that AirPods accounted for 85% of all wireless headphone revenue in the US. Apple decided to increase their production for 2018 by more than 20% in anticipation of their popularity. They are a premium product, but people are loving them and here’s why.

They have a remarkable fit. The earpieces have been designed to comfortably fit all ear shapes as well as stay in, securely. This makes them perfect for exercise as they won’t fall out when running. The AirPods are designed with revolutionary technology such as the W1 chip, for amazing quality sound, and Beam-Forming to ensure your voice is always picked up by the mic. AirPods are also smarter than you might think. When you open them for the first time, they connect to your iPhone automatically. They also know when you remove them, pausing the sound when you do so.

One of the biggest concerns from customers, when these hit the market, was their small ‘easy-to-lose’ size. Well, Apple have addressed that concern also. You can connect your AirPods to your Apple ID and use the Find My iPhone feature to locate your AirPods if they get misplaced. It gives you their last known geographical location.


AirPods retail at $219.99 and Simply Computing has stock. They also carry some neat accessories by Twelve South, including Air Fly and Air Snap. AirFly let’s you connect AirPods, or any wireless audio device, to a wired headphone jack. This is great for in-flight movies. Air Snap is a full-grain leather carrying case made to help protect and personalize your AirPods and comes in a variety of colours.


Beats Solo3

If you are looking for that extra kick to your sound, these are the headphones for you. Made for those who love some extra bass and are always on the go. With 40hr battery life, you’ll find the Beats Solo3 outperforming your phone. Like the AirPods, the Beats Solo3 house the W1 chip that allows for automatic pairing and Siri support.

Because it is Siri compatible, you can control your phone, just by talking. Answer calls, set reminders, write a message or pause playback, all with your headphones. The Solo3 also come in a wide range of colours, including White, Black, Gold, Green and more. And since it’s durable, foldable, and wireless, Beats Solo3 Wireless is the ultimate portable listening device. If you are looking for truly immersive and noise-isolating sound, then look no further.



The HomePod is the latest addition to the Apple audio family. It was released as a direct competitor to the smart speaker world. There are many companies out there trying to compete in this market, with varying degrees of success and quality. Apple set out to make a premium sounding and premium looking device and have pulled it off. In a compact 6.8 inch high frame, the HomePod houses seven tweeters with automatic bass correction and beam-forming, ensuring that it produces crisp, full-bodied, omnidirectional sound that will fill any room.

With 6 microphones built-in, Siri will always hear you, even over loud music. And HomePod is also HomeKit enabled, allowing you to control your smart home products, like EVE, with just your voice. The HomePod becomes the perfect in-home assistant. It's always there to give you a hand, even when your hands are tied - just speak. Need to set an alarm for cooking? Ask Siri. Need some background music for guests coming over? Ask Siri. Need to set a reminder to buy concert tickets? Ask Siri. There are so many ways HomePod can help make your life easier and more exciting. Not only will it bring new conveniences to your daily ritual, it lets you experience what you take for granted in a whole new way. The sound quality is so good you’ll hear your favourite music in a new light, experiencing every rumbling low and every exhilarating high.


Apart from Apple, there are some great products from other companies that may suit your needs. JVC make truly wireless earphones made for exercising. They are water and sweat resistant and retail for $40 less than the AirPods.

LOGiiX make great over-ear wireless headphones, that are similar to the Beats Solo3. They retail at less than $100, making them over three times less cost than the Beats. They also offer something the Beats do not: they are both wireless and wired. This means if you run out of battery when you’re out and about, simply connect the audio jack cable and you have sound again. They are also super comfortable and lightweight.


The SONOS One is a great alternative to the HomePod. Sonos have been working for year at creating amazing quality audio products. Earlier this year they released their first truly smart speaker, the SONOS One. The SONOS One supports Amazon Alexa, and soon it will support Google Assistant. The price is very attractive at $249.99. In fact if you added a SONOS Play: 1 for $199.99 you can have a smart stereo pair with voice control for the same price as the HomePod. Once you have one voice-controlled SONOS in your system, you can control them all by voice.

Whatever your audio needs, Simply Computing will have the solution for you.


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