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                  Imagine a home in which your devices and appliances work in concert to make life easier, without you having to lift a finger. A home that manages itself while you’re away, and welcomes you upon your return. A home you can engage from anywhere.

                  That’s Eve.

                  Eve Door & Window

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                  Overview Know the status of your door or window. Better yet, equip it to automate devices throughout your home. Unassuming and a breeze to install, Eve Door & Window fuses cutting-edge convenience with everyday peace...

                  Eve Energy

                  Overview Empower your appliances. Switch appliances on and off from anywhere. Know how much power they’re using. And have them come to life on their own. Everything about Eve Energy says: you’re in control. Features...

                  Eve Light Switch

                  Overview Experience the Comfort of Connected Lighting The Elgato Eve Light Switch is definitely a light switch to get excited about. Why? It is the very first HomeKit-enabled smart light switch to hit the market!...

                  Eve Motion

                  Overview Wireless Motion Sensor Let your presence bring your home to life. With Eve Motion, cue the perfect ambiance upon entry, and know of activity as it’s happening. Features Never fumble for switches again. Activate...

                  Eve Room

                  $4.33/mo with EasyPlan
                  Overview Care for your air With Eve Room, taking vital action to ensure a healthy home is that much easier. Track your indoor climate, monitor fluctuations in air quality, and gain eye-opening insights backed by...

                  Eve Weather

                  Overview Live smarter by knowing more about the place you care about most. Eve Weather senses temperature, humidity and air pressure. Easily access your personal weather data at your actual home, right on your iPhone...