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              Freedy Fast Wireless Charging Pad 10W Black

              Overview IPhone 7.5W support, Samsung 10W high-speed wireless charging support WPC Qi certification Safety protection functions such as OVP, FOD, TSC Features 7.5W Fast Wireless Charging for Apple, 10W Fast Wireless Charging for Sumsung Qi...

              Freedy Charging Stand for iPhone and Apple Watch

              $3.18/mo with EasyPlan
              Overview Style your Charging The Freedy iPhone and Apple Watch charger makes charging your favourite devices simple and stylish. With an adjustable Lightning connector, it can comfortably accommodate any iPhone 5 or newer and charge it...

              Freedy 15W Fast Wireless Car Charger

              Overview This is one of the most popular wireless car charger at CES 2020 due to its quality built and also the ability to include both air vent and dash board mounts. Features Quick Release...

              Freedy Lightning to USB-C Braided Cable Black 2 m

              Overview "Freedy" new product C to Lighting connector is convenient, essential to the mobile era of fast charging with 60W of high power, Apple Genuine Connector supports data transfer as fast as chargeable, and has...

              Freedy Flex Dual Wireless Charging Pad

              Sale $30 Off
              Overview Most efficient wireless charger that charges up to three smart devices. Freedy Dual Wireless Charger can charge up to three smart devices including wired charging via USB port. It has two wireless charging transmitters...

              Freedy 15W True Fast Charging Pad

              Overview Smart Innovation. Be Wireless Smart. Three Times Faster Than Existing Wireless Chargers with a Powerful 15W Output. A 15W output can charge devices as fast as cable charging can, ensuring you don't have to...

              Freedy USB-C Charging Braided Cable 1 m Black

              Overview "Freedy" the new two-way C-type connector makes it convenient and supports the same essential, Apple, Samsung, and LG connectors that are the same as the original, rechargeable mobile era with a high power output...

              Freedy Wireless Charging Expansion Charging Pad with Standing Cradle 10W Expansion Pack

              Overview Supports iPhone 7.5W, Samsung 10W or faster wireless charging support WPC Qi certification Safety protection functions such as OVP, FOD, TSC Stand function provides comfortable viewing and usability Features of Freedy Fast Wireless Charging...

              Freedy dual USB car charger

              Overview Dual charging made possible inside your car. Convenience and refinement included. With fast charging 2.4A x 2.4A dual output, this Freedy Dual USB Car Charger ensures a complete satisfaction in your safe and fast...