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Home Office Recommendations

Apple Pencil (1st Generation)

$3.76/mo with EasyPlan
Overview Apple Pencil features the precision, responsiveness, and natural fluidity of a traditional writing instrument and the versatility to become so much more. With Apple Pencil, you can turn iPad into your notepad, canvas, or...

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

$4.91/mo with EasyPlan
Overview Intuitive, precise and magical, the new Apple Pencil for iPad Pro makes note-taking, writing and drawing even better. Apple Pencil magnetically attaches to iPad Pro and charges wirelessly, so it’s always ready when you...

Arozzi Verona V2

$12.42/mo with EasyPlan
Overview “Easy Does It”…that’s the philosophy Arozzi’s design team took with the new Verona V2 and Verona Pro V2 Series. Not just “easy” as in extracting the ultimate comfort and ease from the chair’s sleek,...

Beats EP Headphones

$3.75/mo with EasyPlan
Overview Start Listening. Enter Premium Sound. Beats EP on-ear headphones delivers masterfully tuned sound. Its battery-free design offers unlimited playback and its sleek, durable frame is reinforced with lightweight stainless steel. Beats EP is an...

Freedy Fast Wireless Charging Pad 10W Black

Overview IPhone 7.5W support, Samsung 10W high-speed wireless charging support WPC Qi certification Safety protection functions such as OVP, FOD, TSC Features 7.5W Fast Wireless Charging for Apple, 10W Fast Wireless Charging for Sumsung Qi...

Freedy 15W True Fast Charging Pad

Overview Smart Innovation. Be Wireless Smart. Three Times Faster Than Existing Wireless Chargers with a Powerful 15W Output. A 15W output can charge devices as fast as cable charging can, ensuring you don't have to...

Freedy Wireless Charging Expansion Charging Pad with Standing Cradle 10W Expansion Pack

Overview Supports iPhone 7.5W, Samsung 10W or faster wireless charging support WPC Qi certification Safety protection functions such as OVP, FOD, TSC Stand function provides comfortable viewing and usability Features of Freedy Fast Wireless Charging...

JCPal Wireless Fast Charge Stand - 10W

Overview The JCPal Wireless Fast Charge Stand is designed to charge your phone quickly and easily – simply place it on the stand and charging begins immediately. Smart power detection delivers the optimum charging speed...

Freedy Flex Dual Wireless Charging Pad

Sale $30 Off
Overview Most efficient wireless charger that charges up to three smart devices. Freedy Dual Wireless Charger can charge up to three smart devices including wired charging via USB port. It has two wireless charging transmitters...

G-Tech G-Drive with Thunderbolt/USB-C

$8.67/mo with EasyPlan
Sale $162 Off
Overview Designed for storage-intensive applications like audio/video editing, digital photography, and more, the 4TB G-DRIVE Thunderbolt 3 External Hard Drive from G-Technology provides up to 4TB of enterprise-class storage, a rotational speed of 7200 rpm, and is equipped with...

Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand

Overview Lift your laptop to a comfortable viewing height and reclaim your desktop. Elevator's sturdy brushed aluminum and minimal design go great with any desk decor. Elevator holds your portable computer safely and securely at...

JCPal Lightning Cable

Overview BEST SELLER AT SIMPLY! Apple MFi-Certified to ensure complete reliability and compatibility with your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The tangle-resistant cable jacket is made with highly durable PVC and has passed strength tests of 50N...