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FlexPlan for Mac

Do you want a new Mac?

Only Simply offers FlexPlan for Mac.

Choose between 48 low monthly payments, an upgrade every 24 months, or 12 months interest free – all with extended warranty with unexpected event protection (e.g. drops or spills).

FlexPlan Rate Calculator

FlexPlan Options

  • 12 months interest-free
  • Extended warranty
  • Unexpected event protection (e.g. drops or spills)
  • No buyout fee at the end of the term
  • Option to add an iPad and other accessories
  • Upgrade to a new Mac every 24 months

We have a plan for almost anybody. Visit your nearest Simply Computing location for a free consultation. An Apple Specialist can guide you through the process.

You’ll need to:

  1. Choose your preferred Mac
  2. Choose any additional options
  3. Fill out a credit application
  4. Sign agreement form, upon approval*

*A credit card and a government-issued photo identification will be required. Approval process takes up to 24 hours. Administration fee will apply.


Choose your preferred payment method:

  1. Pre-authorized debit
  2. Credit card – we accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express

Payments will be automated to the 1st of each month.


Contact our Financing Department

If you have an enquiry about an existing lease and would like to speak to someone, call 1.877.412.6899.

*Sample Pricing:


*O.A.C. Taxes and $50 administration fee apply. Products are subject to availability. Prices above are accurate at time of publication and are subject to change. Conditions apply. SimplyGuard Protection Plan can be added to Apple products on a FlexPlan lease. Find the policy here.