Iphone Repair Kelowna

The iPhone is a significant technological innovation that responds to the need for interpersonal communication and searches for information through the Internet. It is no longer necessary to bring a camera, calendar, clock, or books. Now, the tools that are needed to communicate, be informed, and entertained are in an easy-to-carry device.

However, what happens when your iPhone breaks down? If your phone suffers some failure, is damaged, or gets wet, it is essential that you make a preliminary diagnosis, that allows you to know if you can solve the problem, or if it is necessary to take it to repair.

What to Do if the iPhone Gets Wet?

A wet iPhone or falling into the water is an “accident” that occurs quite frequently. If this is the case, follow these instructions:

  • Dry the device: remove the Smartphone from the liquid, and do not connect it to the electricity. If it was plugged, unplug it carefully. Do not try to turn it on. Remove covers, protectors and even the SIM card. Now dry it as best you can, and shake it to remove all excess liquid.

  • Turn off the phone: this avoids activating the circuits inside the iPhone. Keeping it on can cause short circuits.

  • Place the device in a drying element: To remove all the liquid from the gadget, use a component that absorbs moisture. You can dip it in a bowl with rice or sachets of silica gel. Allow the desiccant to act for at least 72 hours.

  • Turn on the device: after the time, try to turn on the Smartphone to see if it is operational. In case of any failure, take it to a specialized service. If you need an iPhone repair in Winnipeg, we at Simply Computing are ready to assist you.

Battery Failures

If your iPhone goes off when it reaches 30% of charge, the screen rises for no apparent reason, or you have to charge it several times a day, it is a sign that the battery's autonomy begins to fail. It's probably time to replace it. However, take in mind these factors to see if the situation improves:

  • Use the right accessories to charge it

  • Keep the device away from moisture

  • Avoid extreme ambient temperatures

  • Remove any case or protector when charging the SmartPhone

Other Issues

If your iPhone presents different types of failures, such as spontaneous reboots, does not open applications, viruses, or physical damage (broken screen, for example) it is best to take your device with an authorized Apple services provider. If this is the case, consider these recommendations before handing over the phone to repair:

  • Make a backup

  • Have your Apple ID password handy, just like your purchase invoice

  • Take the device and any accessory you need help with

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