Used Mac Canada

The numerous Saturday morning yard sales in any Canadian or USA town are a testament to how people from all walks of life are always looking for a good deal. Savvy yard sale shoppers can find hidden gems in clothing, furniture, jewelry, and other household items. The best deals are found in sales where the sellers are faced with a move and are motivated to get rid of their possessions instead of toting them to their new location.

Heavy items like beds and refrigerators are quickly snatched up at a great price. And what yard sale is complete without a box of spare wires, cables, and connectors that have been collecting dust for years?

One item that you will usually not find at a yard sale is a good laptop or desktop computer. You may be able to get that USB to HDMI converter for a dollar at the yard sale but customers searching for a used Mac in Canada will want to visit Simply Computing online or at one of their retail locations to get that computer they can trust.

Advantages of a Used Mac

There are several advantages to purchasing a used computer over a new one at Simply Computing:

  • Price – this is not a big secret and is the number one reason people will seek any used item excluding antiques or artwork. If you don’t need the latest high-end apps on a new computer, then a used Mac will work for you.

  • Service – If you buy your used computer from “Joe,” the guy down the block, then good luck in finding affordable service when the computer flaws become evident. And have you ever tried to get service at a big box retailer? Simply Computing offers warranty repairs if your Mac is still covered and offers a variety of affordable repair and service options carried out by Apple Certified Technicians.

  • You won’t overpay for unneeded “bells and whistles” that entice buyers who think they need the latest technology on a brand-new computer. Most people use their computers for internet surfing, social media interaction, and storage of documents and pictures and only use a fraction of the computer’s memory. If you need more memory, an external hard drive or a data stick will suit your needs.

Your friend Joe won’t be able to provide any warranty for you but at Simply Computing your pre-owned computer comes with a 30-day guarantee on parts and labor. After that, you can get an extended SimplyGuard or AppleCare warranty that will protect you for up to 36 months.

Simply Computing offers a large selection of used and clearance Macs and other Apple products. You can search their inventory by the type of device you are looking for, the screen size, amount of RAM and storage capacity to find that perfect computer at a significantly lower price than a new Mac.

Simply Computing has been in business since 1984 and is dedicated to selling and servicing used Mac in Canada. They have five retail locations in British Columbia and Express locations mostly located in Eastern Canada. You can send an email using our online form or use our store locator to find the Simply Computing store nearest you.