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Eve Energy

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  • Vendor: Eve Systems
  • Product Type: Home Automation
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Empower your appliances.

Switch appliances on and off from anywhere. Know how much power they’re using. And have them come to life on their own. Everything about Eve Energy says: you’re in control.

Talk or tap to control

Hands tied? Already comfortable? Switch on any appliance in your home with a simple tap or Siri voice command.

Access on the go

Your home hub will keep you connected to your abode whether you’re strolling around the block, or exploring the world.

Automate everyday essentials

Set timers for lights, humidifiers, fans, and other vital devices. Then go about your usual business while they get on with theirs.

Make it easy for everyone.

Have your appliances respond to occupancy. So everything is as it should be for the last to leave and first to return.

Set the perfect scene.

Scenes enable multiple accessories to work in concert. So you can create a scene called 'Bedtime' that turns on your bedside lamp via Eve Energy, locks your doors, and shuts your shades – all with one tap or voice command.

Watch those watts.

Curiosity. Economy. Conservation. Reasons to monitor power consumption and projected cost are aplenty. Eve Energy gives you the insight to embrace yours.

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