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  • Freedy Flex Dual Wireless Charging Pad
  • Freedy Flex Dual Wireless Charging Pad
  • Freedy Flex Dual Wireless Charging Pad
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Freedy Flex Dual Wireless Charging Pad

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  • Vendor: Freedy
  • Product Type: Cables & Chargers

Most efficient wireless charger that charges up to three smart devices.

Freedy Dual Wireless Charger can charge up to three smart devices including wired charging via USB port. It has two wireless charging transmitters as well as one USB port in the side for wired charging.

Please note: Phones not included. Images for reference only.

Smart innovation. Be wireless smart.

Coined from the word 'Free' meaning 'freedom' and 'Feed' meaning getting the power or source by itself,' FREEDY has become into being as the wireless charging brand of KOMATECH. We Team FREEDY strives to provide users with complete, more convenient and smart experiences, by creating products and solutions with an advanced technology, design, hence offering a whole new culture, beyond working as a simple device or accessory-supplying company.

Simpler Charging

Simply place your phone on the charging pad. Charge without messy or tangled cables. Simply place it on the pad. It's that easy.

Design with 'Wireless' simplicity

Freedy Dual Wireless Charger has been designed to reflect the simplicity and minimalism it has to offer. Enjoy the Dual Wireless Charger, which coordinates well with any surroundings.

Neat & pleasant charging environment

Freedy Dual Wireless Charger helps you to enjoy a neat charging experience, without thinking where to put a charging cable.

Safety is our priority

Freedy Wireless Chargers and Receivers have acquired all the domestic and overseas safety certifications including KC, CE, RoHS, FCC to ensure its safety.

DC In: 12V / 2.5A
DC Out: 5W (5V / 1A) x 2 + 8W (5V/1.6A, USB)
Operating Temperature: -10 C ~ 60 C
Dimensions: W : 85mm / L : 240mm / H : 9.5mm
Weight: 185g
Full- Charge time: About 4 hours (2,200mAh battery)
LED Indicator: Red (charging) or Green (charged, except for some devices)
  • Dual Wireless Charger
  • Manual
  • Power Adaptor