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  • Freedy dual USB car charger
  • Freedy dual USB car charger
  • Freedy dual USB car charger
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Freedy dual USB car charger

  • Vendor: Freedy
  • Product Type: Cables & Chargers
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Dual charging made possible inside your car. Convenience and refinement included.

With fast charging 2.4A x 2.4A dual output, this Freedy Dual USB Car Charger ensures a complete satisfaction in your safe and fast charging needs inside your car.

Smart innovation. Be wireless smart.

Coined from the word 'Free' meaning 'freedom' and 'Feed' meaning ‘getting the power or source by itself,' FREEDY has become into being as the wireless charging brand of KOMATECH. We Team FREEDY strives to provide users with complete, more convenient and smart experiences, by creating products and solutions with an advanced technology, design, hence offering a whole new culture, beyond working as a simple device or accessory-supplying company.

Leisurely charging

Freedy Dual USB Car Charger provides dual ports, which is enough for two devices to be charged simultaneously, at the very same high speed charging speed. Enjoy this fast charging with our Freedy Dual USB Car Charger.

Refined & simple design

Simple yet refined design harmonizes with the interior in any vehicles. This car charger is compatible with any standard cigar jack port available. Enjoy Freedy Dual USB Car Charger in Simplicity and Refinement.

For your own charging station

Freedy USB Car Charger has dual ports, allowing equally fast charging for two mobile devices including the one from the accompanying person sitting in passenger car seat or back seat. This car charger is so small that it won't interrupt your driving. Its refined design will suit in your car ambience.

Freedy dual USB car charger that is safe and secure

All the Freedy products have acquired domestic and international safety certifications including KC, FCC, CE and RoHS for the comfort of your mind.

Simpler and faster charging possible with embedded Smart IC.

Freedy Dual USB Car Charger allows you to charge your devices fast inside your car.
Embedded smart IC automatically identifies optimal charging capacity and speed per device being connected and charged, thereby allowing all the devices to be charged safe and fast.
Each port works independently, therefore, both charging capacity or speed will not fall, even the dual ports are being used simultaneously.

Safe & easy-to-use

As Freedy Dual USB Car Charger automatically outputs and measures voltage, it protects your mobile devices safely, even if overvoltage occurs.

Input: DC 12~18V
Output: DC 5.0V=2.4A x 2
Port: 2.4A x 2.4A Dual Port

2 Year-Limited Warranty Against Defects

With your purchased proof, Freedy offers 2 year-limited warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.