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  • JCPAL FitSkin Keyboard Protector
  • JCPAL FitSkin Keyboard Protector
  • JCPal FitSkin Keyboard Protector
  • JCPAL FitSkin Keyboard Protector
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JCPal FitSkin Keyboard Protector

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Keep your keyboard dry and food crumb-free. Ultra-thin design and washable. Custom fit for your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or the new MacBook.

Antimicrobial Treatment

With embedded Microban antibacterial protective treatment your keyboard cover prevents growth and proliferation of harmful bacteria.

Convenient Cleaning

Easily washed with water, it's environmental and healthy. Washing repeatedly will not reduce the antibacterial function.

Eco-friendly Materials

Made of high quality and eco-friendly materials, with high elastic energy resilience, non-toxic and odourless.

Thin and Light Design

The thickness is only 0.2mm, an ultra thin design with high transmittance. It feels like there is nothing there. It has been perfectly formed with high precision, laser light with holographic measurement, to snugly fit your Macbook keyboard.