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  • MOFT Laptop Stand
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MOFT Laptop Stand

  • Vendor: MOFT
  • Product Type: Accessories

Portable devices have given us the flexibility to work anywhere and everywhere but with that freedom can come discomfort like shoulder and neck pain and improper posture like a hunched back.

As bulky laptop stands flood the market our mission was to create a solution, something lightweight, portable, and invisible.

Constructed with special PU and fibreglass material, the Moft Airflow Adhesive Foldable Laptop Stand - Silver is strong and stable enough to hold up to 18 lbs.

The built-in magnets allow you to unfold the laptop stand quickly and securely attach it to a flat surface.

When using the MOFT Stand you can easily find an ideal height and posture with our unique Double Angle Adjustments that allow for a seated or standing position.

The MOFT Stand lets you conveniently attach and remove from your laptop as many times as needed without leaving a mark while maintaining the same strength and effectiveness.

  • At 0.1 in thin, 3 oz weight. Unfelt and unseen when carried.
  • Double-angle adjustment for you to find the ideal height to work.
  • Constructed with vegan leather and strong fiberglass.
  • Holds up to 18 lbs.
  • Works with laptops up to 15.6".
  • Reusable and residue-free adhesive.
Character Adhesive
Height Adjustment 2 or 3 inches
Material Vegan Leather, Fiberglass, Removable Glue
Compatible Model 11.6"-15.6" Laptops with no air vents underside (Not compatible with Surface Book 2 and Surface Book.)
Weight 3 oz/89 g
Dimensions 6.7*8.8*0.12 in/170*224*3 mm