OWC DIY Bundle 500GB 3G SSD

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OWC DIY Bundle 500GB 3G SSD

OWC DIY Bundle 500GB 3G SSD

Regular price $249.99
Sale price $249.99 Regular price $249.99
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The complete solution for your 2009 - 2010 iMac

Experience the extreme performance of an OWC SSD upgrade with this easy DIY SSD and hard drive replacement kit. Add an SSD to your hard drive equipped iMac to experience faster booting, near instant application launches and lightning fast data transfer speeds.

Fast and reliable solid-state storage

Delivering the latest in flash NAND and controller technology, utilizing SLC and 3D NAND for long-lasting, power-efficient performance. Mercury Electra 3G SSD's offer a powerful combination of performance and reliability for demanding everyday computer users.

Upgrade Your iMac with Confidence.

OWC's in-line solution is the only hardware digital thermal sensor on the market allowing a third-party SATA drive to be installed in your iMac. A convenient, plug-and-play cable, the In-line Digital Thermal Sensor eliminates fan noise and maintains proper system fan control through the iMac's System Management Controller. This innovative device is designed specifically for the iMac, requires no software hacks and ensures compatibility with Apple's built-in diagnostic processes.

Maintains highest performance while offering ultimate convenience

The NewerTech AdaptaDrive has been benchmark test proven to deliver the same data transfer rates as is experienced when a drive is connected directly to the SATA data bus. The AdaptaDrive doesn't create a bottleneck or any performance throttling...it delivers pure data pass-through performance and drive use convenience from any 2.5" SATA 1.5Gb/s, 3Gb/s, or 3Gb/s hard drive or SSD.

  • Add a high-performance OWC 3G SSD to your iMac.
  • No software hacks required.
  • Backed by free DIY install videos and expert support.
Controller 4-Ch
Form Factor Standard 7mm 2.5"
Interface SATA 3Gb/s & 1.5Gb/s supported, SATA 3.1 Compliant
Capacity1 500GB useable capacity
RAID Support Yes
SMART Attributes Standard 2
Native Command Queuing up to 32 commands
RoHS Compliant Yes
Format Unformatted (Instructions on formatting here)

1. 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending upon operating environment (typically 5-10% less). The actual total capacity will depend on your own defined file settings/preferences.

2. Temperature reporting is currently an unsupported feature because due to the operating characteristics of SSDs, it is highly unlikely one would ever exceed an OWC Mercury SSD's stated operating temperature ceiling of 158F/70C. However, we are looking into supporting this feature in the future via a firmware update. Firmware updates can be found here: http://eshop.macsales.com/tech_center/OWC/SSD.

What's in the box
  • (1) OWC Mercury 3G SSD
  • (1) AdaptaDrive 2.5" to 3.5" Drive Converter Bracket
  • (1) OWC In-line Digital Thermal Sensor Cable
  • (2) OWC 2-1/4" Suction Cup
  • (1) Torx T10 driver
  • (1) Torx T8 driver
  • (1) Nylon Pry Tool (Spudger)
  • (1) OWC Blue Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloth
  • 3 Year OWC SSD Limited Warranty on the OWC Mercury Electra 3G SSD
  • 1 Year OWC Brand Standard Limited Warranty on the OWC In-line Thermal Sensor cable
  • 5 Year NewerTech Product Limited Warranty on the NewerTech AdaptaDrive

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