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  • Simply Selfie Stick
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Simply Selfie Stick

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Now every picture is finally within reach. The SimplyASP Tech Selfie Stick is a wireless fashionable bluetooth device that gives you the ability to get a better photo or video with your smartphone without ever having to ask a stranger. Whether you're attempting to take photos with your friends or family, the SimplyASP Tech Selfie Stick pairs with your phone in seconds via bluetooth and allows you to simply point and click your way to a better smart phone experience its that easy. Completely wireless solution no self timer to snap a photo required no apps needed to operate and take away battery life. Also no need to recharge for months and fits in your pocket or purse lightweight & portable.

  • 30.5 cm (1-foot) extension
  • Works with phones up to iPhone 6 Plus in size
  • Shutter button on handle (plug jack into headphones port to activate)

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