The Tile aka The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread for Forgetful People


The Tile aka The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread for Forgetful PeopleSince recently moving out my own, I’ve been using my iPhone twice as much as I used to. I didn’t get a landline and as a new homeowner, I’m Googling a lot of stuff I didn’t have to worry about before. Somehow, however, I’m also losing my phone at least three times as often as I used to.  But without a landline, I can’t just call it to point myself in the right direction.  What to do? Clearly, I need a Tile.

Simply put, Tiles are lifesavers for anyone who frequently misplaces things.  Using Bluetooth technology, you can use your Tile to find your phone or your phone to find your Tile.  Most people tend to lose their keys, so Tiles are frequently found on keychains.  However, you can attach a Tile to pretty much anything so long as you can hang a keyring off it or it has a pocket someplace.  So long as you don’t lose both your Tile and iPhone at the same time, you’re good to go.

  • Lost your phone? Press the Tile button twice.  Your phone will chime – even if you have it in silent mode.
  • Lost the item to which you attached your tile? Use the free Tile app on your iPhone, which you will have downloaded when activating your Tile, to make the Tile ring.  If the item’s too far to hear, the app will show you its location on a map.
  • Seriously lost your item rather than just misplaced it? Tile has a growing community of consumers whose use of the app on their own cell phones may just locate your item.

Lots of people are forgetful, so Tile offers versions to fit every lifestyle.

  • Tile Slim – This model is the largest, but the slimmest version of the Tile – hence its name. It’s ideally suited for slipping into a wallet or passport folder, or for sticking to an electronic device.  (It lacks the keyring hole available on all the other models.)  Unfortunately, the Slim lacks a recplaceable battery though Tile guarantees the existing one for a full year.  The Slim is also the weakest finder, with the lowest volume ringer and a range of only 100 feet.
  • Tile Mate – This edition is Tile’s best-selling model. With a range of up to 150 feet and a 50% louder ring than the Slim, it’s the Goldilocks of the Tile family.  It’s also the smallest and most discrete Tile at 3.5cm square and in monochrome white.  Finally, it has a 1-year replaceable battery, extending its value and your peace of mind – so long as you remember to switch out the battery.
  • Tile Style – For those who like their bling, this version offers some flash with a champagne (aka gold) button and border. With a range of 200 feet, it outdistances the Mate but lacks its replaceable battery.  The Style has been discontinued, so fashionistas need to nab one the remaining supply runs out.
  • Tile Sport – Great for gym bags and backpacks used for more than school, the Tile Sport is similar in function to the Style but marketed towards an opposite personality. With a waterproof rating of IP68, it’s the one you want to take outdoors or on/in the water versus the Mate or Slim.  Like the Style, it's been discontinued.
  • Tile Pro – The Pro is the newest and most powerful Tile of them all. With thrice the volume and distance (up to 300 feet) of the least powerful Slim, it’s your best chance for finding your lost item and the way to go if you’re hard of hearing.  To provide this punch and greater durability over previous models, however, it’s the heftiest Tile at 15.5 grams.

Whichever tile you purchase, you’ll need a replacement unit or a new battery after a year. Aware of this and how they’re introducing upgraded versions all the time, Tile’s replacement program helps existing patrons upgrade at a discount.  If you don’t plan to upgrade and purchased a model with replaceable battery, Tile offers a Premium program that includes extended warranty and free battery replacement.

If my iPhone runs my life, my Tile now maintains my peace of mind so I’m willing to pay $50 or so it for it.  I think you should be willing too.  But right now, you don’t even have to spend that much because Simply Computing is having a big sale on all Tile models with discounts up to 50% off!  Come in soon before we’re out!

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