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Simply Technicians are trained and certified by Apple. All repairs are performed with Apple tools and we only use Apple parts. This ensures your repair is done right the first time.

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One-on-One Training

Apple devices have so many features and so much power but sometimes you just need a little support. Harness the power of your Apple device with one-on-one Service Desk support. Support is available in 30 minute blocks.

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Sales Consultation

Make an appointment with an Apple Expert and get expert assistance with your Apple purchase. This is a free service that you don’t get at a big box store or purchasing online.

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Sometimes you just can’t make it work. You need help at home. We get it. We can help you with your project at your house, sign up for Simply@Home.

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Our team of experts will show you options to speed up your Mac and increase storage. We’ll run a thorough check on your Operating System and show you how to keep your data safe with a backup strategy.

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If your computer crashes, gets stolen or suffers from hardware failure, you risk losing all of your irreplaceable data. Regular backups help ensure that you can restore your data if necessary, reducing downtime and maintaining productivity.

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Remote Support

Life is busy, and you need support that works with your schedule. When you choose Online Remote Support from Simply Computing, you get the support you need at a time convenient to you.

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MacSet-Up Premium

At Simply Computing we want you to enjoy your new (or new-to-you) Mac from day one! With Mac Setup Premium our Apple-certified technicians will have your new Mac running just like your old one with a personalized training and guided walkthrough just for you.

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Finance your new device

Starting at 0%, our in-house financing options are here to help you get the device you want at a price you can afford.