SimplyGuard Agreement


  • Parts and labour warranty
  • No Lemon Guarantee on new Mac
  • Two (2) Guaranteed Service Fee (GSF) events from mishandling for a new Mac or a new iPad or a new Apple Watch or new AirPods or a new HomePod or a new iPhone or a new AirTag
  • Coverage within Canada and international coverage through Apple Retail stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers

Extended Warranty Plan on Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod, iPhone and Display

The Extended Warranty Plan (“Plan”) covers a new Apple Watch, or new AirPods, or a new HomePod, or a new AirTag or a new or pre-owned iPhone, or a new or pre-owned Mac, or a new Display, or a new or pre-owned iPad and a new compatible Pencil or a new compatible Keyboard when the Pencil or Keyboard is purchased on the same invoice as the iPad (“New Equipment”).

The Plan commences immediately following the expiry of the manufacturer’s limited warranty and terminates at the end of the term specified on the Plan’s invoice and with the term starting from the original purchase date of the New Equipment. If the Equipment is a pre-owned, the Extended Warranty Plan starts after the seller’s warranty or 30 days from the invoice date, whichever is later. SimplyGuard Lite Extended Warranty Plan (“Plan-Lite”) only covers a pre-owned Mac, or pre-owned iPad or pre-owned iPhone and coverage commences following the expiry of the manufacturer's limited warranty or 30 days after the purchase of this Plan-Lite, whichever is later, and terminates at the end of the term specified on the Plan-Lite invoice starting from the purchase date of the Plan-Lite. SimplyGuard Plus Extended Warranty Plan (“Plan-Plus”) has the same terms as the Plan, except as specified below under the Guaranteed Service Fee
on New Equipment.

Guaranteed Service Fee Plan on New Equipment

The Plan provides for the repair of New Equipment when it requires parts and labour repairs caused by operational or mechanical failure as a result of mishandling or an unexpected and unintentional external event (e.g. liquid damage) that arises from the normal daily usage of the Equipment as intended for such Equipment (“GSF Event”). This coverage does not cover theft
of all or part of the Equipment, or cosmetic damage, or normal wear and tear or grossly negligent conduct associated with handling and use of the Equipment. This coverage commences immediately from the Plan’s invoice date and continues for as long as your account is in good standing and expires at the end of the term specified on the Plan’s invoice with the term starting
from the original purchase date of the New Equipment.

The New Equipment is eligible for a maximum of two (2) GSF Events during the term of this Agreement. The fees for each event are attached in the GSF Event Fee table. The GSF Event Fee on any products not covered by the table is $4.99. Taxes are extra. A GSF Event to a pencil or keyboard, purchased with an iPad, is not counted as a GSF Event for the iPad. All drones are excluded. 

 GSF Event Fee (MB=MacBook, MBA=MacBook Air, MBP=MacBook Pro) Each GSF Event
MB, MBA, MBP, Pro Display: screen or external enclosure damage only $129.99
MB, MBA, MBP, Studio, Mini, Pro Display: other damage $379.99
iPad: all damage $49.99
iPhone: all damage $129.99
Apple Watch: all damage $109.99
Pencil, Keyboard, HomePod, AirPods: all damage $39.99


You may be asked to provide an explanation of where and when the accident occurred with a detailed description of the actual event. The claim will be denied if you fail to pay the service fee or fail to provide information reasonably requested relating to the accident when asked. The Guaranteed Service Fee coverage will transfer the remaining balance of the coverage to the Equipment replaced due to a GSF Event. No part of this Guaranteed Service Fee Plan applies to a Plan-Lite.

Guaranteed Service Fee Plan on Plan-Plus Only

Same terms as above, however, the Plan agrees to repair new and pre-owned Equipment (excluding drones) for the following fixed fee: $0.00 on each covered GSF Event for a maximum of two (2) GSF Events every 12 months.

No Lemon Guarantee Plan on New Mac

During the term of the Plan, if the Equipment is a new Mac and had three previous repairs to a major component (e.g. logic board), and requires a fourth covered major repair, the Administrator will either provide a replacement Mac that is equal or better functionality, or issue a credit for the current Loss Value, not to exceed the original purchase price as calculated in the section headed Loss Value usable at a SimplyGuard reseller location. If the Mac was purchased new within 90 days of the fourth service claim the Administrator will replace the Mac with the same model or one of equal or greater functionality. The No Lemon Guarantee is deemed to be fulfilled immediately upon the replacement of the Mac or a store credit being issued. The No Lemon Guarantee will not be transferred to the replacement Mac. No part of this No Lemon Guarantee Plan applies to a pre-owned Mac or Plan-Lite.

Extended Warranty Plan on Apple Service Part

The Service Part Warranty Plan (“Plan-Service”) provides extended parts and labour warranty coverage for one Apple branded service part used in a repair of a Mac or an iPad or an Apple Watch or AirPods or an HomePod or an AirTag or an iPhone. The coverage commences immediately following the expiry of the manufacturer's limited warranty or 30 days after the purchase of this Plan-Service, whichever is later, and terminates at the end of the term specified on the original sales invoice. One Apple branded service part is covered per Plan-Service. If the original repair was misdiagnosed, the Plan-Service does not pay for additional labour or parts to correctly repair the Equipment.

Price Protection Plan on iPhone Repair

Applies only to short-term rentals of iPhones when; 1) your iPhone is in service for repair 2) the repair estimate has been paid in full 3) there have been no unauthorized modifications to the iPhone 4) the cost of the final repair is greater than the original estimate. In this event the Repair Price Protection Plan will pay the difference in cost for the repair.


This Agreement does not apply to Equipment with a serial number that has been altered, defaced, or removed or Equipment that is missing parts or has been altered or repaired without prior consent from the Administrator or to damage caused by acts of God or natural disasters, or intentional acts , biohazardous materials exposure, and it excludes coverage for any components that are covered by any recall or quality programs provided by its manufacturer. This Agreement does not apply to cosmetic damage to the Equipment that do not otherwise affect the functionality of the Equipment; moreover, the Agreement does not apply to defects caused by normal wear and tear, or which is otherwise due to normal aging of the Equipment. Plan, Plan-Plus and Plan-Lite on any pre-owned Equipment cover the battery for a maximum of 1 year from the warranty start date or pre-owned Equipment purchase date, whichever is earlier. If this Agreement is part of a Lease, the Administrator may choose to apply any portion of the Loss Value to the last lease payments and/or the final buyout sum. The Administrator may cancel this Agreement at any time and only be responsible for refunding any paid, but unused portion of the Agreement’s premium (if any) and compensating the Lessee for any warranty or GSF Events up to and including the cancel date.

Service Options

You can bring the defective Equipment into any Simply Computing Service Centre location for diagnosis and repair. If you are located over 100km from a Simply Computing Service location, and within 100km of an Apple Retail Store, you may have your Equipment repaired at the Apple Retail Store without prior authorization by the Administrator. This option is not available for GSF Events. If no Apple Retail Store is within 100km, you may contact the Administrator for a list of authorized Service Providers in your area. Submit the repair estimate to the Administrator for approval. If service approval is given, have the repair completed. Pay the Apple Retail Store or Service Provider for the repair and submit the paid repair invoice with a detailed service work order to the Administrator for reimbursement. Only parts and labour and taxes will be reimbursed and only under the terms of this Agreement. Shipping charges, loaners, or lost productivity due to Equipment failure are not reimbursable.

Loss Value

If the damaged Equipment is not repairable, or the cost of the repair is greater than the value of the Equipment, the Plan will replace the Equipment with equal or better, new, or pre-owned, depending on availability or alternatively, at the sole option of the Administrator, the Plan will issue a credit or payment for the depreciated value of the Equipment at the time of the event (“Loss Value”). The Loss Value is calculated by multiplying the original invoice price of the Equipment, before taxes, by its depreciation based on the tables below and subtracting any GSF Event Fee from the result. Example: After a GSF Event a $2000 Mac, 6 months old, is worth $2000 x 80% = $1600, less the 1st GSF Event Fee of $149.99 equals a Loss Value of $1600.00 - $149.99 = $1450.01. To receive the Loss Value payment or credit, the defective Equipment must either be repaired at an approved location (see Service Options above) or be returned, at your expense, within 30 days to a Simply Computing store. If replacement Equipment is purchased at a Simply Computing store on the same invoice as the damaged Equipment is returned to the store, then the returned Equipment will be treated as a trade-in with a value equal to the Loss Value.

Class A: New or pre-owned: Mac computer, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch

Year 1 (0-365 days) 100%-60%
Year 2 (365-730 days) 60%-45%
Year 3 (730-1095 days) 45%-35%
Year 4 (1095-1460 days) 35%-25%
Year 5-10 (1460-3650 days) 25%-0%


Class B: New or pre-owned: Displays, AirPods, HomePods, AirTags or other covered accessory

Year 1 (0-365 days) 100%-45%
Year 2 (365-730 days) 45%-25%
Year 3 (730-1095 days) 25%-15%
Year 4 (1095-1460 days) 15%-5%
Year 5-10 (1460-3650 days) 5%-0%


Other Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is associated with the serial number of the Equipment purchased as indicated on the sales invoice, regardless if the owner is the original purchaser or another party, unless the Equipment has been returned or sold to Simply Computing or SFS.Finance in which case this Agreement is terminated. This Agreement does not include software support, telephone support, or coverage for other products. The Administrator, at its sole option, may elect to repair, rebuild, or replace the defective Equipment in whole or in part, to restore normal functions. The Administrator may use genuine Apple parts, refurbished parts, or third-party parts equivalent to new in performance and reliability to have the defective Equipment repaired or rebuilt. An integrated rechargeable battery is considered defective if it fails to hold 80% of its original specified capacity as measured by Apple’s diagnostic tests.

SFS.Finance is the Administrator of this Plan and reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time, without notice. You may check SimplyGuard’s current terms and conditions on the Simply Computing website. Definitions: MB = MacBook, MBA = MacBook Air, MBP = MacBook Pro, Mini = Mac Mini