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Keeping Communities Connected

Keeping Communities Connected

Kaela McCann, Program Director - Charlford House Society for Women

Marja Smith, President - Simply Computing

Do you have technology lying around, collecting dust?

Simply Computing has started a Keeping Communities Connected program which takes old computers, iPads and iPhones donated by our customers, sterilizes their cases and professionally wipes all their data. Then we find a new home for your old product by donating it to one of the many recovery and safe houses throughout British Columbia.

Simply Computing recently donated a MacBook Air and several iPads to Charlford House Society for Women. The computer is for Zoom meetings and family calls for residents, and the iPads are for communication and research, helping the women integrate back into society. Simply Computing is, however, only a small company, heavily impacted by the current economy. We need the support of our customers to make a real difference.

Addiction touches the lives of so many. Almost everyone has a loved one who is affected, or even struggles themselves. Let’s help some of the most vulnerable in our community stay connected, stay clean, and stay alive.

We need your help! Click or tap the button below or visit your local Simply Computing to donate your devices to this important and worthy cause.