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Are you ready for an upgrade?

When you’re ready to upgrade, remember that Simply may be prepared to offer you trade-in value for your old Mac or iPad.

Why Trade-In?

It’s good for your Mac. When you trade-in your Mac or iPad and buy a new one, you give your old friend the opportunity of a second life.

It’s good for the environment. Your old electronics contain many salvageable metals and components, so don’t dump them in a landfill. Simply stores are a free-drop off location for electronics recycling.

It’s good for your bottom line. Trading in your gently used gear earns you credit towards your next purchase and even saves you money on the sales tax.

Trade-In Quote*

How to trade your old Mac or iPad for a new one:

Use our handy automated online trade-in estimator to get a trade-in estimate now. Our trade-in estimator will ask a few basic questions about the age and condition of your device, and whether it’s covered by an extended warranty program. At the end of the process, you get an estimated trade-in value that you can take to any Simply Computing store. (Please note that this is an estimate, and the final decision of what trade-in value to grant you rests with the Simply Store Manager where you trade-in, but as long as your device is in good condition, this estimate is usually correct. To ensure the most accurate estimate, our trade-in process requires a technician to physically examine your device.)

If our proposed trade-in value is acceptable, it’s time to think about preparing your device for trade-in. This usually means:

  • Find all of the books, boxes, cables and accessories that came with your device.
  • Back up the files on your device's internal storage to an external storage device. If you prefer, we can transfer your files directly from your old Mac to your new Mac from $129.99.
  • For a helpful checklist of things to do before trading in your Mac, visit this page.

Bring your device into your local Simply retail location to trade-in. You’re going to be walking out with new Apple gear today, so if there’s a special model that you want, it might not be a bad idea to call your local Simply store to make sure that we have it.

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*Our Trade-in Calculator provides an estimated value of your device. Trade-in prices are subject to change based on supply and demand, as well as the actual condition of your device. To ensure the most accurate estimate, our trade-in process requires a technician to physically examine your device. Written quotes are honoured for a period of two weeks, provided that all specifications are accurate.