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Meet the 'Simply Sisters', the brains (and definitely the beauties) behind Simply Computing.

Marja and Amanda have been sisters since... well, forever, and have been with Simply Computing since they were practically in diapers. Their dad started them young - Marja as a mail sorter at 12 (a career that lasted a whopping 2 hours), and Amanda as a cashier at 14 (she's been counting cash ever since, and we're not entirely sure she ever stops).

Marja, “The President”, never quite mastered the art of mail sorting, but she's a whiz at the big picture - which thankfully involves people, not paper. She thrives on working with her team and meeting customers. In her scarce free time, she walks her dog Peter “The Potato Dog”. With a nickname like that, you can bet Peter needs all the exercise he can get. With a heart bigger than her agenda, Marja supports marginalized women in her community who are working towards changing their lives.

Amanda, “The Chief Financial Officer” has a love affair with accounting (or is it just the money counting part?). She has a busy family life, looking after her husband and two teenage boys. You'll usually find Amanda at Simply's head office or working from home, with her canine CFO, Monty the “Chief Furry Officer”.

Our mission?

To be the David to the Goliath of big-box retailers, armed with nothing but our wit, charm, and a deep-seated love for all things Apple. We're here to prove that small businesses can not only compete but can also provide a personal touch that giants can only dream of. So, whether you're looking to spark creativity, grow your business, save time and money, or simply understand technology better - we're here for you, with our qualified and enthusiastic team behind us, slingshots at the ready!