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JCPAL FitSkin Keyboard Protector for MacBook Air 13-Inch & MacBook Pro 13-Inch/15-Inch

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Overview Ultra-thin protection for your MacBook Pro At one-fifth the thickness of ordinary silicone protectors (0.2mm), the incredibly thin and form-fitted FitSkin™ creates an almost invisible barrier over the keyboard, protecting it from liquids, dust...

JCPal macOS Shortcut Keyboard Protector

Overview Ultra-thin protection for your MacBook At only 0.3mm thick, the ultra-thin and form-fitted VerSkin™ creates a barrier over the keyboard, protecting it from liquids, dust and debris. Colour-coded shortcuts The helpful colour-coded shortcut guide is...

JCPal VerSkin Silicone Keyboard Protector

Overview Keep your keyboard dry and food crumb-free. Ultra-thin design and washable. Custom fit for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Real Zero Distance Ultra-thin design, lighter and thinner, only 0.3mm thick, cling close to...