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Simply Computing Extended Warranties

SimplyGuard Extended Warranty

With SimplyGuard Extended Warranty plans on your Apple equipment, you’ve got the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered. So you can get back to what matters.

SimplyGuard gives you:

  • Protection from mechanical or electrical failures
  • A no lemon guarantee
  • Extended warranty up to 5 years
  • Unexpected event protection (e.g. drops or liquid damage)
  • Coverage world wide

AppleCare vs SimplyGuard

Coverage SimplyGuard AppleCare
Unexpected Event Protection All Devices iPad & Apple
Watch Only
International Support
Telephone Support
Includes AirPort Wi-Fi Products
Includes Apple & Third-Party Monitor* Apple Only
Deductible for GSF SimplyGuard AppleCare
Mac $129.99
iPad $49.99

More Details

  • If you unexpectedly damage your Apple equipment by dropping it or spilling liquid on it, do not fret because SimplyGuard’s unexpected event protection will take care of you. AppleCare does not offer accidental damage protection on Mac products.
  • For unexpected event protection to an iPad, SimplyGuard provides cover for up to 2 instances. The first instance has a deductible of $49.99 and the second instance has a deductible of $99.99.
  • SimplyGuard exceeds AppleCare’s 3-year extension of the warranty on Apple Watch by a further 2 years, to 5 years.
  • As with AppleCare, SimplyGuard offers worldwide coverage.
  • Where AppleCare only covers an Apple monitor, SimplyGuard covers any third-party monitor as well.
  • Seven-days-a-week access to Apple experts via online chat or phone.
  • AppleCare only covers the logic board, display, battery, RAM, power adapter and other accessories, but does not offer accidental damage on Mac.
  • Accidental damage protection is only provided on iPad and Apple Watch.
  • AppleCare+ for Apple Watch extends the warranty for up to 3 years.
  • As with SimplyGuard, AppleCare offers worldwide coverage.
  • AppleCare allows carry-in repair where a device can be taken to an Apple retail store or to an authorized service provider like Simply Computing.

Additional Information

The SimplyGuard Extended Warranty Plan provides extended parts and labour warranty coverage for the Mac, iPad or Apple Watch, and a monitor when purchased on the same invoice as the Mac. It commences immediately following the expiry of the Apple one-year limited warranty, and terminates at the end of the term specified on the original sales invoice. This plan does not include software support, telephone support, and coverage for other products, including iPhone.

The Guaranteed Service Fee (GSF) Plan provides parts and labour repairs for a guaranteed fee for a new Mac or a new iPad or a new Apple Watch after unintentional damage has occurred which is not covered by other warranties. It commences immediately from the invoice date and continues for as long as your account is in good standing, and terminates at the end of the term specified on the original sales invoice or upon the expiry of this agreement, whichever is soonest. GSF coverage only applies to operational or mechanical failure caused by mishandling that is the result of an unexpected and unintentional external event (e.g. drops and liquid contact) that arises from your normal daily usage of the Equipment as intended for such Equipment. GSF coverage does not cover theft of all or part of the Equipment, or cosmetic damage, or normal wear and tear or reckless conduct associated with handling and use of the Equipment.

The Equipment is eligible for a maximum two (2) GSF events during the term of this Agreement. On first GSF event the Plan agrees to repair the Equipment for the following fixed fee: $129.99 for a Mac or $129.99 for an iPhone ($39.99 on display only repair) or $49.99 for an iPad, or $89.99 for an Apple Watch plus applicable tax. On the second GSF event the Plan agrees to repair the Equipment for the following fixed fee: $259.99 for a Mac, or $129.99 for an iPhone, or $99.99 for an iPad, or $89.99 for an Apple Watch plus applicable tax.

A “GSF event” is defined as an occasion when the Equipment is brought into a service centre for servicing the damage caused by mishandling and not covered by other warranties. You may be asked to provide an explanation of where and when the accident occurred with a detailed description of the actual event. The claim will be denied if you fail to pay a service fee or fail to provide information relating to the accident when asked.

If the device had three previous repairs to a major component (eg. logic board), and requires a fourth covered major repair, the Administrator will choose to provide a replacement device that is equal or better, or issue a credit for the current replacement value. If the device was purchased new within 90 days of the fourth service claim, a new device that is equal or better will be provided as a replacement.

To see the SimplyGuard and SimplyGuard Lite Warranty Agreement