Warranty Policy

Troubleshooting software or hardware?

The first, best place to check is usually with the original manufacturer.

No manufacturer has the resources to test their products under every circumstance with all other products. They may work perfectly under some circumstances but have conflicts with other products or software. When these problems are reported to the manufacturer they often come out with software fixes.

Before calling Simply for support, the first, best place to check is usually the original manufacturer. It's the first place we check, and it's often possible for you to solve a problem quickly on your own. We recommend that clients frequently check the manufacturer's site for upgrades and ensure the latest revision of any operating software is installed.

Our Store Support Policy Includes

  1. Free in-store and phone support on the products we sold to you. This support is not unlimited and is on a best-effort basis. Our staff are very knowledgeable but we do not claim to be experts on all products. If we do not immediately have an answer to a specific question, we will do our best to find an answer for you. If you require extended support, we recommend you deal directly with the manufacturer. If you require training, we recommend our training experts.
  2. Help with the manufacturer's warranty for the first year of warranty. This means that for this period of time if you have a warranty issue we will try to assist you. We will either
    1. fix it (if we are authorized to perform manufacturer's repairs)
    2. provide contact information and/or contact the manufacturer and arrange for shipping back and forth to their authorized warranty outlet. There are exceptions to this; some manufacturers want the customer to deal with them directly. In the case that the manufacturer insists on direct customer contact, it is advisable for customers to deal directly with the manufacturer, as this provides a quicker response.
  3. After the first year we will try to supply you with all necessary contact numbers. However, the customer is expected to contact the manufacturer directly and pay for all associated shipping and handling costs.

Our Store Support Policy Does Not Include

  1. Replacing product or refunding money outside of our return policy, above. The manufacturer's warranty is between the customer and the manufacturer on any product outside of our stated refund policy.
  2. Free support on products we did not sell.
  3. Peripheral support on later third-party purchases. If you purchase the computer from us and later purchase a peripheral from another company, we assume no responsibility for this peripheral working with your computer.
  4. Free installation and configuration of peripherals.
  5. Unless we have agreed to install a product (usually for a charge) customers are responsible for their own configuration and diagnosis of a problem. This is true even if the product itself causes the problem. The installer of the equipment is responsible for diagnosing all problems including defective products. If we have to diagnosis a faulty part we will charge for this service.
  6. The cost of a third party hired by the customer to perform work on their computer.
  7. We only cover the cost of warranty repairs performed by Simply Computing. We do not cover the cost of a third party hired by the customer or of any parts he/she uses to facilitate repair.

Warranty Provisions

  1. Simply Computing will not be liable for any damages. This includes, but is not limited to; damages or costs incurred as a result of loss of time, loss of savings, loss of property, loss of data or loss of profits, which may arise in connection with the services, regardless of whether Simply Computing has been apprised of the possibility or likelihood of such damages occurring or whether claims are based or remedies are sought in contract, negligence, strict liability, tort, products liability or otherwise.
  2. Although Simply Computing strives to sell the very best products available at the time, the volatile nature of the industry means the consumer assumes some risks associated with manufacturers' warranties. These include the following; bankruptcies, slow warranty processing time, shipping costs and incomplete repairs. Where possible we will help, but when a product is sold, Simply assumes no risk other than listed above.

Manufacturer's Warranties

Warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, however, the following provisions generally apply to all warranties:

  1. Products are sold with a manufacturer's only warranty. With the exception of Apple, we are not authorized for any warranty repairs, nor are we compensated or liable in any way to handle the shipping, diagnosis or repair of any other products under manufacturer's warranty.
  2. Warranties on computers do not cover software or data loss. Computer manufacturers assume no risk for customer loss of data, programs or any other software. Consumers are expected to have made backups of any important data and software. Servicing a computer may reveal data loss, but the revelation does not imply liability. The manufacturer will reset the computer back to factory standards; the consumer is responsible for reinstalling programs and data.
  3. Warranties on computers do not cover program conflicts or bugs. All computer products and software may contain bugs, however, warranties do not cover compatibility issues with any specific hardware or software programs.
  4. Software is sold on an "as-is" basis. All software may contain bugs, and all manufacturer warranties specify that the consumer assumes all risks associated with use. Manufacturers provide warranty for installation media — which means if the install CD or DVD is damaged, they will replace it if reported within 15 days of purchase. If a piece of software does not work or is not compatible on a particular computer they assume no liability or responsibility — nor will the computer manufacturer. Most large software companies have a policy of free updates and software patches to registered users. Most of these updates and patches are available through the Internet, and it is the responsibility of the consumer to download and apply updates, solely at their own risk.

Manufacturers' Long or Lifetime Warranties

Select manufacturers advertise long warranties — 5 years or even lifetime. Simply Computing assists with these warranties only for the first year. After this the consumer should deal directly with the manufacturer.

Computer Warranties

All new computers are sold with a minimum one-year limited warranty on parts and labour. This is a manufacturer's warranty and in most cases the defective unit must be returned to the manufacturer for warranty service. Exception: For Apple computers, we are an Authorized Apple Service Provider and will service Apple computers at our in-store service centre Service may also be provided or at your location if warranty for the computer includes on-site coverage.

Apple Product Warranty

Macintosh computers are manufactured and distributed by Apple. They come with the manufacturer's one-year parts and labour warranty. Some products are serviced directly by Apple, see Apple Support. In some circumstances we can ship the defective product back to Apple for the client; however, it usually quicker for the client to deal directly with Apple.

Warranty Notes

  1. Warranty only covers defective hardware.
  2. Other software fixes and backups are charged at shop rates.
  3. Apple's fix for system software is to return the computer to factory specification (data & programs will be lost)
  4. Service parts are shipped from Apple. Although we order them daily we have no control over the speed of their delivery. Apple has a direct Customer Support phone number for clients that are not happy with the handling of their warranty: 1.800.263.3394. Apple hardware are sold with a one year limited warranty on parts and labour. AppleCare can extend your hardware and software protection up to three years total.

Warranty on Apple-Authorized Service

  • Labour - 90 days
  • Parts - 90 days
  • Software - none