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  • LOGiiX Piston Connect Coil USB-C to USB-C
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LOGiiX Piston Connect Coil USB-C to USB-C

  • Vendor: Logiix
  • Product Type: Cables & Chargers
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Practical and Versatile Braided Coil Cable!

The LOGiiX Piston Connect COIL is our all-new braided coil charging cable. Featuring case friendly flexible connectors this expandable cable is designed to make road trips more convenient. The extendable coil design allows this cable to be stretched up to 1.8m to reach devices and makes it ideal for use in the care or while traveling. Satisfy all the power hungry users on your next road trip with this versatile cable.

  • Extendable 1.8m (~5.9ft) coil cable for charging USB Type-C devices
  • Extendable coil design allows cable to stretch from 0.5m to 1.8m
  • Flexible connector housing relieves stress on the cable & prevents breakage
  • This stretchable cable is ideal for use in a car or while traveling
Material Nylon fibre braid
Length Up to 1.8m

One Year Exchange Warranty