How to add vaccine passport to Apple Wallet

How to add vaccine passport to Apple Wallet

On Monday 25th October,  Apple released iOS 15.1, an update that added a number of features including the ability to add your COVID vaccine card directly in Apple Wallet.

To do so, you'll need two devices (your iPhone and a computer, an iPad, or another iPhone) or your iPhone and a printed copy of your vaccination record.

Here are the steps:

 1. Update your iPhone to iOS 15.1. To access the new software go to Settings > General > Software Update

2. Open the Camera app and scan the QR code of your vaccination card (displayed from a printed copy or through a computer, an iPad or another iPhone)

3. Tap the Health link (highlighted in yellow). This link will allow you to open the record in the Health app

4. Once the "Add to Wallet and Health" card appears, tap the "Add to Wallet & Health" option

5. You're done!

To then display your vaccination card, open Wallet app on your iPhone.

Additional Tip:

For easy access to your vaccination card, we suggest adding the Wallet App into Control Center which will allow access via the lock screen.

1. Go to Settings > Control Center

2. You can then add (+) or remove (-) your desired controls

3. You're Done!
If you're not feeling confident in setting this up we invite you into yoru closest Simply Computing location and we will be happy to assist.
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