Mac Check-Up

Your Mac needs an Annual Check-Up

Like lots of things, the key to keeping your MAC running smoothly is regular maintenance. Simply Computings Mac Check up, allows you to have the piece of mind that your Apple device is performing at its best so it can deliver when you need it. It will allow you to stay on top of any software issues and ensure that your device is Malware free and performing as it should be! 

Anytime is a good time for a Check-Up

Even a perfectly-functioning Mac can benefit from Check-Up.

Our team of experts will show you options to speed up your Mac and increase storage. We’ll run a thorough check on your Operating System and show you how to keep your data safe with a backup strategy.

The Process

  • Check and verify vital statistics
  • Run Apple Service diagnostics
  • Verify the integrity of your storage
  • Scan and remove possible online threats
  • Prescribe upgrades
  • Customer data backup assessment

Mac Check-Up FAQs

How soon can we have the computer back

How secure is my data during Check-Up?

What do Check-Up services include?

How can I protect my computer from viruses for long periods?

Do you do Check-Ups for iPhones and iPads too?