BaseQi Stealth Drive Aluminium MicroSD Adapter

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BaseQi Stealth Drive Aluminium MicroSD Adapter

BaseQi Stealth Drive Aluminium MicroSD Adapter


What exactly is a Ninja Stealth Drive?

It's an aluminum microSD card adapter that fits 100% within your MacBook without any awkward protrusions. You can place a microSD card into this adapter and gain up to 128GB of extra storage space for your computer.

For example, if you place a 64GB microSD card into your Ninja Stealth Drive, then you will get 64GB of extra disk space on your MacBook. The read and write speed for each brand of microSD card varies, you can pick your favourite brand and use it with your Ninja Stealth Drive.

Nice isn't it? Your computer now has 64GB of extra storage space! (If you use a 128GB microSD card, then you will get 128GB of extra space)

Whats so special about it?

  1. Provide more disk space - Feel like you never have enough disk space on MacBook? Ninja Stealth Drive is designed to become that extra and permanent disk space for your MacBook.
  2. The exterior is made out of polished aluminum - That is the exact same material and color as your MacBook. Ninja Stealth Drive is designed to camouflage and blend in perfectly with your MacBook.
  3. It is almost physically indestructible - Have you seen the test videos online? People can run a microSD card over without breaking it. That means Ninja Stealth Drive is a SAFE secondary drive. We suggest users to back up all of their important files on there. If your Macbook ever breaks, you can remove the Ninja Stealth Drive anytime and have access to these important files!
  4. Sits 100% flush and hidden within your MacBook - There are less than 3 companies in the entire world who manufacture microSD card adapter that hides completely into your SD drive slot. We are one of them, our Ninja Stealth Drive fits perfectly into your MacBook with ZERO protrusions. Who wants a SD card that protrudes out from your computer anyway?
  5. Easy to physically pull out - This adapter sits 100% into your MacBook, so how do you take it out? We designed a special ditch on the edge of the Ninja Stealth Drive, you can pull it out easily with your fingernails. We have a patent to this design so that means you CANNOT find a similar product anywhere else.
  6. Instant detection upon waking up from sleep mode - One big problem that most SD drive have is when a Macbook wake up from sleep mode, it won't detect the SD drive. You will have to re-insert the SD drive or reboot your computer. Our advanced technology ensures that you will NEVER encounter this problem. That is what makes Ninja Stealth Drive so unique!

How do I use it?

  1. You can place your favorite brand of microSD card in there and insert the entire Ninja Stealth Drive into your MacBook. 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or even 128GB microSD cards will all work with this adapter. MicroSD cards are NOT included with the product. You can easily purchase a microSD card from any online or physical electronic store.
  2. A new disk icon will show up on your OS X desktop and you can use this new disk as a secondary drive and storage space. The speed and storage size of your Ninja Stealth Drive is relevant to the microSD card you choose.
  3. Congratulations! You now have a secondary disk space. You may place your photos, movies and other important files into this new drive!

We are Macintosh fanatics ourselves, and we know Apple fans only want top quality products. At Baseqi Designs, our mission is to create unbelievable products at cutting-edge prices!

So be sure to buy a Ninja Stealth Drive today!

There are 4 different models created for all models of Macbook. If you aren't sure about how to identify your Macbook model, click on the"How to identify Macbook pro models" link below!

*This product does not contain a microSD, SDHC or SDXC card

Model Compatible with (How to identify MacBook Pro models)
103A MacBook Air 13, Pro 13" (before Mid 2012), Pro 15" (before Mid 2012)
303A MacBook Pro 13 (Retina, Late 2012 and after)
503A MacBook Pro 15 (Retina, Mid 2012, Early 2013)
504A MacBook Pro 15 (Retina, Late 2013, Mid 2014 and after)

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