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When looking at pre owned Apple products in Canada, look to Simply Computing to save...
Buy a used Mac in Canada from Simply Computing and save money on a computer that has been completely refurbished from the inside out. Our Apple specialists are available to assist you with choosing the right model for your needs and getting financing if you need it. We offer flexible payment plans to custom meet your needs.
Purchase a new portable hard drive from Simply Computing and use our convenient buy-now-pay-later payment option to own what you need right now with nothing out-of-pocket. We carry a great selection of portable hard drives, including the OWC Express, LaCie, and G-Tech. We offer a number of ways to access financing.
Save money by buying a MAC refurnished in Canada at Simply Computing. We offer a wide range of financing options on new and refurbished models with flexible terms and buy-now-pay-later options so you can get what you need now with no out-of-pocket expenses. Experience the difference a MAC will make with your work or play.
Purchase a new LaCie hard drive from Simply Computing with 1TB of storage and triple interface for the best performance available today. LaCie offers universal connectivity and exceptional speeds of USB 3.0 and FireWire 800. Check out financing options to buy your LaCie hard drive now and pay for it later.
Trust Simply Computing with your iPhone screen repair in Surrey. Our technicians are Apple-authorized to work on your iPhone, providing affordable services and repairs. If you need an emergency screen replacement, give us a call for the most reliable repair in the Surrey community- we’ll be there when you need us.


What Does Having a T2 Chip in Your Mac Mean to You?

If you have an iMac Pro, or a Mac mini, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro introduced in 2018 or later, your Mac has an Apple T2 security chip. Read on to learn about what the T2 does for you and the tradeoffs it requires.

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