Apple Financing Canada

Apple Financing Canada

Deciding to purchase a Personal Computer (PC) is a lot like what choosing a car in the mid-1960’s must have been like. As you pore over all the choices, it becomes evident that the Macintosh (Mac) is like that classic 1964 Ford Mustang while all the other PCs on the market are like the Ford Falcon. Both were excellent cars, but the sleek, sexy Mustang was the car everyone wanted while the Falcon was the one that little old ladies drove to church on Sundays.

But buying a Mac is more than just a “sexy” choice. It is more expensive than a comparable Windows-based PC, but it offers better protection from hackers and other threats, a better screen and more apps built in when you first take it out of the box and power it up. Macs also rate higher for customer support and user satisfaction.

Simply Computing opened in 1984 to service and sell the first Mac computers. The company has grown to become the largest independent Apple financing in Canada with seven retail locations and several “Express” stores. Aside from Apple products they offer electronic items like audio headphones, cables and chargers, and even drones if you want to spy on your neighbors.

Help Me Buy My Mac

If you know that you need that Mac but are a little short on cash, then Simply Computing offers Apple financing in Canada and has three financing options to help you overcome that hurdle:

  • The EasyPlan is the simplest way to buy any item over $99. This is a lease plan where you make 24 low monthly payments. The best feature of the EasyPlan is that it allows you to pay off early to minimize the interest paid. If you are expecting a bonus from your employer in a few months, there is no need to wait on that bonus with the EasyPlan to get that Mac you need today.

  • The FlexPlan applies to Macs and iPads and gives the buyer some options to consider.
  1. Twelve months interest-free for a Mac.

  2. Upgrade your Mac every 24 months.

  3. Four-year (48 months) payment plan with no penalties for an early buyout.

  4. Six months interest-free or a three-year (36 month) payment plan.
  • BizPlan leases are an excellent way for business owners and professionals to pay and Simply Computing has two BizPlans. First is the Operating Lease with discounts offered if five or more devices are purchased and flexible terms from two to five years. The other choice is the Capital Lease where the customer will own the equipment at the end of the lease term

If you are not quite sure about what you need, then Simply Computing can rent you a computer for up to a 90-day period. Payments can be on a monthly, weekly and even daily if that is what best fits your budget.

Six of the Simply Computing retail stores are in British Columbia. Most of the Express stores are in Ontario and Saskatchewan. You can also use your email address to subscribe and stay current on all promotions and special events that could save you money on your Mac purchase.

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